10 reasons to eat from our taster menu

10 reasons to eat from our taster menu

Langley Castle Hotel has a newly introduced five-course tasting menu, but why should hotel guests and non-resident diners opt for this culinary experience?

To help diners in Northumberland decide whether a tasting menu is for them, we’ve put together 10 top reasons to choose that created by our head chef, Mark Percival – North East Chef of the Year 2011.

Read on and then decide whether this could be one of the best dining experiences, and exquisite culinary occasions, you have ever enjoyed in any restaurant in Northumberland.

1. The tasting menu avoids you having to make difficult dining choices, giving you our chef’s recommendations for the best dishes based on local Northumberland food, that can be enjoyed, with a few international twists on the way.

2. You can head off on a culinary journey, delighting the taste buds with many different flavour combinations, tastes, textures and aromas.  What more could you want than a dining adventure?

3. The tasting menu suits the intimate and romantic setting of Josephine’s Restaurant at Langley Castle to a tee.  It’s culinary heaven, served in an atmospheric Northumberland restaurant, so guests enjoying a romantic castle break, or loved-up couples from Carlisle, Newcastle and places in between, should give this great consideration.

4. You can satisfy your curiosity about dishes you might be slightly worried about selecting, because they’re not your usual choice and your natural dining default mode is to play it safe.  See the tasting menu as a voyage of discovery on a plate.

5. It’s a perfect choice for anyone celebrating something special.  The tasting menu also comes with suggested wines that can make each dish a complete gem that you just have to photograph and talk about on social media.

6. It prevents diner boredom.  There’s nothing worse than having to wade through a dish that’s boring you after just a few forkfuls.  With a taster menu, you don’t have to.  You can enjoy the flavour burst and wow factor of the dish, finish that amazing plate and then move on to the next.

7. Because each dish brings something new, the tasting menu creates lots of talking points that are both perfect ice-breakers for those doing business or on a first date, and also brilliant ways of keeping the conversation flowing, with no empty and awkward pauses.

8. The tasting menu is a wonderful way to introduce interaction into your dining experience, with different touchpoints throughout the meal that allow you to speak to the waiting staff, discuss dishes and even ‘Instagram’ your food.

9. Choosing to eat a number of dishes allows you to fully understand the style of the chef behind it, his skills, his techniques and his favourite foods.  For foodies, this creates a real buzz.

10. You can derive true sense of place from your food, as Langley Castle Hotel’s restaurant uses fresh and locally sourced produce from the Northumbrian landscape and its coastline.  You can eat the view that you enjoy by day and that’s a very compelling reason to choose this menu, especially if you are a visitor to Northumberland.