Castle Weddings Are Truly In-Vogue

Castle Weddings Are Truly In-Vogue

Castle weddings are definitely the in-thing for 2018-19, with the Royals seemingly having started a wedding trend everyone wants to follow, from celebrities to newly engaged couples.

One of the celeb pairings to opt for the castle wedding were Emmerdale stars, Charley Webb (Debbie Dingle) and Matthew Wolfenden (David Metcalfe), who married at a Yorkshire castle close to their Emmerdale filming set.  That was pretty essential, as none of the guests knew they were being invited to a wedding, believing it to be Charley’s 30th birthday party instead!

Just like the soap-star couple, those wishing to marry here at Langley Castle can put their own spin on their wedding.  Just because our seven-foot-thick castle walls have stood here since 1350 does not mean that you have to plan a wedding ceremony steeped in antiquity.  If you do want the traditional castle wedding, that’s a breeze, but if you want to get the creative juices going and plan a unique style of wedding, Langley’s the place to do it.

We’ve recently given our banqueting suite and function room, the Stuart Suite, a makeover, adding lots of natural light and mirrors, but retaining our amazing windows, which are sights to behold in their own right.  The room’s new look allows brides and grooms to do their own thing when it comes to decoration.  The heraldry has been removed and fresh, neutral paint tones are perfect for couples wanting to add touches that could evoke the popular ‘industrial’ trend at the moment, or add the greenery, white roses and candles that would make for a fabulous Game of Thrones wedding.  Gold candelabras, arum lilies and gold balloons, bows and swags all look breathtaking.

When it comes to food, you can have a fabulous wedding banquet, served in a setting that must have seen many ancient banquets and certainly a whole host of different modern-day feasts.

You can, of course, also hire the entire of Langley Castle Hotel and its grounds and have it as your own private ‘home’ or playground for the duration of your booking.  Prices for this start at an amazingly affordable £11,500.  Yes, pinch yourself, that’s actually true and it includes many elements of your wedding too.

The message is to think ‘castle wedding’ this year and next, as that’s definitely where the in-vogue couples will be looking to wed right now.  Secondly, use Langley Castle as a canvas and fabulous neutral-toned backdrop across which you can paint and parade your own colours.  Whether you stage a charming Chinese wedding, or a compelling and intimate Northumberland wedding, it will be as you want to make it, with our help all the way.

With 30 years’ experience in doing things how you want them, we can take your wedding day vision and shape it into a stunning ceremony and equally amazing ‘after-show’.  What a pity no soap operas are filmed on our doorstep … we’d give their stars an absolute ball.