A Dozen Things to Ask your Dream Wedding Venue

A Dozen Things to Ask your Dream Wedding Venue

When it comes to your big day, there’s only one opportunity to get things right, which is why asking the right questions when you come to choose your dream wedding venue is absolutely vital.

To help you with this, here are a dozen questions you should be asking venues, as you come to the important decision as to which you will select.  Remember that it has to be a great fit for you as a couple – not your friends, family or Facebook followers - and one that will host a unique occasion and memories that will always be extra-special.

Dream wedding venue questions

These are the questions you should be asking, if you want to ensure the wedding of your dreams:

1. Do you have an experienced wedding co-ordinator, who will be on-hand to answer all of our questions as we go through the planning and preparations?  How well do they know the venue and all of its possibilities when it comes to little touches that will make it truly special?

2. Do you offer exclusive use, so we can have the venue solely for the use of our guests and families? For how long will we have this and what are the physical boundaries when it comes to that exclusive use?

3. What will be included in an exclusive-use package?  Does the price just cover the venue hire, or will it provide us with actual elements of the wedding, so that we do not have to pay for those elsewhere? 

4. Are there any elements within the exclusive-use package on which we can recoup some expenditure?  Could we rebill some of our guests with a room charge, so that this expense comes off the final wedding bill?

5. Is there a wet-weather plan available, in case we cannot use certain areas outdoors and need to being the wedding inside? 

6. How many weddings do you handle a year? Is it a select number, or are you solely geared up to host wedding after wedding?

7. Can we choose our own wedding suppliers, such as florist, entertainer and cake-artiste, or do we have to use the ones that you recommend?  If it is the former, is it a completely free choice, or do we have to choose from a list?

8. How much access can we have to our room/areas of the venue being hired, in advance of the wedding? How many times will we be able to view it, get measurements, check colours and so on?

9. Who is responsible for cleaning up after the event?  Wil it be you, ourselves, or our marquee company, wedding planner, or event organiser?

10. What is not allowed at the venue?

11. Where are the iconic photographic shots to be found within the venue and are these dependent on there being good weather?

12. Is there anything new and different that we could have at your venue, which nobody has had at the venue before?  Does your venue lend itself to themes and personality?

Working through this list with each dream wedding venue you are considering, should enable you to have the wedding that you want to stage, with no hiccups or misunderstandings along the way, no being shunted out of the venue because it is a wedding factory  that cannot accommodate earnest pre-planners, and no unexpected interruptions or last-minute changes of plan.

Remember that to fail to plan is to plan to fail. Don’t let that happen to your wedding.  If you need any additional help from Langley Castle, please contact the castle wedding team on 01434 688888 or email weddings@langleycastle.com