Epic Photos: The Secret to Getting Wedding Wows

Epic Photos: The Secret to Getting Wedding Wows

The suggestion that we – and by that we mean us, you and every single person on your wedding guest list – only has an attention-span of 8 seconds, has been knocked by a variety of experts, but what all agree upon is that we have so many things competing for our attention that it takes something extraordinary to stand out from the crowd. If you want wows to be generated by your wedding pics, you need to wow people.  That means putting some energy behind your differentiation.

Here are some top tips on how to get wedding wows from epic photos

1. You won’t stand out from the crowd if your wedding is at the same venue that everyone else has chosen and if you are using exactly the same backdrops and features.  Choose somewhere different, so you can instantly differentiate your pics.

2. Remember that we live in an image-led society, hence the popularity of Instagram. When you choose a venue, think through the eyes of a photographer, if you want pics that will wow.  Study angles, features, architecture, nooks and crannies, whether there is a mix of flora and fauna (lawns, woodland, trees etc.) and anything else that can frame or make a shot captivate.

3. Do something to surprise your guests/audience visually. You could do this by choosing a wedding theme, dressing in a different way from other brides and grooms, being bold and daring with your choices and playing a ‘part’ or role, as well as tying the knot.

4. Consider what you wish to get out of your wedding pics.  Are they to be personal mementos, or do you want pictures that will be shared on social media by people you don’t even know?  Are you an introvert or an exhibitionist and how should your pics reflect this? What’s going to grab the attention of those who don’t feel obliged to look at your album, but do so because they are irresistible and oh so shareable?

5. Think hard about how you can tell a story through your wedding pics, rather than just having a series of shots that don’t communicate the special nature of the day.  Why? Because not everyone will be there to make that link for themselves.  You may have elderly relatives who cannot attend, or family overseas who want to be able to interpret your wedding story from afar.  Storytelling will give you a real wow factor as it will make you – and your photographer – work harder, rather than just doing what all other couples have done.

At Langley Castle, we really understand all of the points above and have even staged our own Game of Thrones-style wedding shoot to inspire couples who want ideas for their wedding pics and who don’t want the same old, same old that everyone else has had taken.  If you want to see some of the extraordinary backdrops and images emanating from this shoot, please click here.

Now use your imagination, think how to weave elements like these scenes, backdrops and stories into your wedding planning and start creating the wedding album that really will wow.  Obviously, there’s nothing like a castle to do that, but not all castles have Langley’s authenticity, so choose carefully if you want a true castle wedding, having seen these amazing pics.  If you want to enquire about Langley, please email weddings@langleycastle.com or call 01434 688888 for a no-obligation chat.