Langley Castle Proves an Electric Destination for Drivers

Langley Castle Proves an Electric Destination for Drivers

A 14th century Northumberland castle has proved its 21st credentials by going green with two brand new TESLA charge points that will assist sustainable travel within the county.

Langley Castle Hotel has become only the second charging point for TESLA cars in the whole of Northumberland and is giving even non-residents the chance to charge their cars for their onward journeys. 

Joining TESLA’s Destination Charging network is a move that will help boost tourism in the county, as drivers will be able to charge their vehicles enough to get them to the coast and the rest of the county, once they leave Tynedale. It will also likely provide a valuable business boost for Langley, as drivers will be able to enjoy a meal at the castle while waiting for their car to charge, or alternatively, stop over for the night.

TESLA offer energy-efficient fully-electric vehicles that reduce the C02 emissions associated with diesel and petrol vehicles. The manufacturer suggests that drivers in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, for example, have saved 277,789lbs of C02. 

Langley Castle, based in Langley-on-Tyne near Haydon Bridge, will help continue this mission to drive down emissions and allow owners to travel across the county, and beyond, with the electric power provided by its new charging points. 

Drivers need to be a patron of the castle, either staying at the hotel or dining in the restaurant. The maximum charging power is 13kw when one car is charging. The length of time needed to charge the car varies, depending on whether one or two cars are using the TESLA chargers, the make and model of vehicle and how much charge is needed to get the car back on the road.

It is hoped that the castle will become part of a planned route for TESLA drivers and will be a boost both to the business itself, and the tourism of the area in general, as the electric car generation continues to thrive. 

Langley Castle’s general manager, Carla Robinson, believes this is a great opportunity. 

“We hope that by installing these charging points we can capture a part of what is a really fast-growing market and this area can become a destination for TESLA drivers as they continue their onward journeys. 

“It will provide great benefit both to us and the area in general, as the boom in electric cars continues.”

In addition to the two TESLA chargers, Langley Castle also now has one universal electric car charging point, which is available to non-TESLA drivers. 

The castle, which was built in 1350, is increasingly placing itself at the forefront of technology, with hyperfast broadband also planned.  With the assistance of these new charging points, it is helping Northumberland get on the road towards becoming a key destination for electric car owners.  More information about the castle is at                   ENDS

Press calls: Jane Hunt, Catapult PR, 01253 891114 –


Press calls: Jane Hunt, Catapult PR, 01253 891114 –