Langley\'s just the Ticket for Coronation Street\'s Castle Wedding

Langley\'s just the Ticket for Coronation Street\'s Castle Wedding

Loved-up couples wanting a stylish and deeply romantic wedding day are continuing to crave the traditional castle wedding – the in-vogue wedding of the year 2018 and likely to retain that exclusive position for some time, following Meghan and Harry’s Windsor Castle wedding in May.

The desirability of a traditional castle wedding is truly evident when it enters into the storylines of Britain’s favourite soap operas, which is just what’s happening right now, as Coronation Street’s Tracy Barlow – never one to be off-trend – is planning to drag Steve McDonald down the aisle for the second time, but only if it’s in a building with the word ‘castle’ in its name.

Soap opera scriptwriters are hugely talented when it comes to tapping into the mood of the nation, but on this occasion there’s something they’ve got slightly wrong.  Whilst Steve McDonald’s friends are more than a little concerned about him marrying Tracy again full-stop, they also think a castle wedding is going to hit him hard in the pocket.

That made the wedding planning team here at Langley Castle sit up and take notice, as getting married in a real English castle, and one that is truly authentic and not just a historic façade, is really affordable, if you come to Langley Castle’s weighty door.

Even if you take up an exclusive-use option, you can have a stunning, typically English castle wedding from a price of just £11,500 and that’s not just the hire charge.  For this price, you can have food and various essential components of a wedding included.  Whilst this may seem to be too good to be true, it’s actually the stuff of fairytales – ones that frequently feature romantic floaty wedding dresses, bridesmaids living out their princess fantasies and families and friends who cannot take their eyes off Langley’s stunning windows, chandeliers, knights in shining armour and window seats set into seven-foot-thick walls.

When they learn that the castle has stood here since 1350 and that some of its stone was taken from Roman Hadrian’s Wall – just a stone’s throw away in fact – they are even more wowed.

We hope the Coronation Street scriptwriters will do some due diligence and not opt for a castle that is about as historic as the replica stone wallpaper in the corridors, with not a tad of authenticity about it.  We’re tired of seeing Cheshire venues as the wedding backdrop and think a true 14th century castle is just what the viewers would rather see.  We’re only a 3-hour drive from the Granada Studios and we’d be delighted to be the set for the Tracy and Steve wedding.  We even have a fountain should things go awry and a fight on the scale of Eva and Maria’s ensue!

We panicked a little this evening, when Tracy said all she needed in life was Steve, but thankfully there was a proviso.  How we loved those words “Obviously Steve, I still need a castle.”  Well, Tracy, we’re here and ready and waiting.  Are you listening, Coronation Street producers?  Langley could be yours for the big day and the British TV audience would love it!