New TV Drama increases enquiries

New TV Drama increases enquiries

TV’s ‘Victoria’ Makes Langley’s ‘Heritage Wedding’ the New Vogue

A TV period drama has turned telephone lines at a Northumbrian hotel and restaurant red hot, as brides and grooms from across the country show that the passion for a ‘heritage’ wedding is the current vogue.

ITV’s ‘Victoria’, which has been attracting over 5 million viewers per episode, is thought to be responsible for a noticeable increase in both wedding and exclusive hire enquiries at 14th century, Langley Castle, where over 650 years of history has unfurled within seven-foot thick medieval walls.

Whilst earlier episodes seemingly sparked some interest in having a ceremony in Langley Castle’s atmospheric drawing room, surrounded by knights in shining armour and portraits of kings and queens, it was the September 18 screening, in which Victoria married Prince Albert, that became the real catalyst for enquiries.

In that episode, the royal couple were shown marrying in a set depicting the Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace, which is mainly Tudor in construction and which dates from 1531.  Although Langley Castle dates from 1350, a fire in 1405 destroyed most of the interior and the castle remained a shell for over 500 years.  Ironically, St James’s Palace also suffered its own fire, in 1809.

The rich red tones of TV’s Chapel Royal are remarkably similar to those of the Langley Castle drawing room, where many of its weddings take place, as well as its Josephine’s Restaurant – another popular room of choice for brides to be.

With rich tapestries, chandeliers and dramatic drapes framing Langley’s gorgeous castle windows, it is proving an irresistible choice of venue for those hooked on the ‘Victoria’ drama, whether the happy couple wish to simply book a wedding, or take over the entire castle for the days of their celebrations on an exclusive hire basis.

The spine-tingling romance exuded by the intimate TV ‘royal wedding’ that viewers watched is also reflected in the style of wedding available at Langley, where the maximum number of guests for a daytime ceremony is 120, adding to the feeling of exclusivity and underpinning the notion of a fairy tale day.

Langley Castle’s general manager, Anton Phillips, says: “We have had a real spike in wedding enquiries over the last few weeks, which peaked in the days after the September 18 episode.  This has been accompanied by a higher number of exclusive hire enquiries than usual, with many of those making these enquiries living in the south of England and wanting to find a venue that is a real British heritage gem. 

“We have taken over 30 wedding enquiries this week alone and have had three requests for details about exclusive hire, which is remarkable. 

“The real Queen Victoria was responsible for creating the ‘white wedding’, by insisting on having a whites satin gown, incorporating stunning and unique ‘Honiton’ lace, rather than the traditional blue gown worn by brides until that time.  She also created the trend of all bridesmaids wearing matching dresses.  Now it seems that the fictional ‘Victoria’ has started a trend of its own and has made the heritage wedding the must-have occasion for discerning brides.”

Langley already had its next wedding fayre in its calendar prior to this interest, with this taking place on Sunday October 16 and promising to lure couples not just wishing to star in their own period drama, but wanting something some inimitable twists as well.  One of these will be the unveiling of a new outdoor gin and champagne bar option, but other ‘new things’ are also to be revealed.

Couples can also sample some of the dishes that grace Langley’s wedding menus, if they book a table in the restaurant for that lunchtime.  This can help inform the choice of dishes for the wedding breakfast – or royal banquet, as many couples now seem to be viewing the prospect of their wedding day meal at Langley.

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