Stay at Langley Castle for Roman History and Walls to ‘Wall’ Comfort

Stay at Langley Castle for Roman History and Walls to ‘Wall’ Comfort

Stay at Langley Castle for Roman History and Walls to ‘Wall’ Comfort

Take the opportunity this autumn to stay just a stone’s throw away from Hadrian’s Wall – a must-see that recently achieved number 5 positioning in Lonely Planet’s ‘Ultimate United Kingdom Travel List’ – by booking in to the 2018 North East Hotel of the Year, Langley Castle.

Langley is itself a historical gem, being potentially England’s only true medieval fortified castle hotel.  The fact that some of the stones in its sturdy seven-foot-thick walls came from Hadrian’s Wall, make it even more special for those with a historical interest.  Its fortified structure results in many delights for visitors, with raised window seats set into the walls, stunning arches and a true winding castle staircase, conjuring up impressions of days of yore.

But, if you can bear to step away from the mesmerising drawing room, with its chandeliers and roaring log fire, you can quickly head out of the manicured 10-acre grounds and woodland areas and get on the trail of Roman history around the Wall.

Whilst only one-tenth of Hadrian’s Wall now visible, it is the stories that you can discover that will enrich your stay, so taking the opportunity to dip into sites like Vindolanda, where ‘digs’ are still being conducted, is a must-do.  There, you can see displays of various Roman artefacts, have history brought to life for you, and also see the historically significant Vindolanda Tablets – early letters home to mum, dad and folk who owed you money!

Those who love to walk, can enjoy strolls with a Roman thematic, at nearby Housesteads, where there is a Roman Trail to follow, and also Corbridge, where there is a Heritage Trail.

Should you have little ones with you, you can fire up your imagination by following an illustrated story walk, playing an active part in the story of The Adventures of Mungo and Bran, discovering historical features in the landscape as you go and opening your eyes to all around you.  The stories can be found online at

With 73 miles (80 Roman miles) of Wall to explore, and various museums to enthral, there is a lot to do by day that could see you falling in love with Hadrian’s Wall in the way that renowned literary figures like Sir Walter Scott have done, not to mention George RR Martin.

And, if you wish to see Roman history through the eyes of Venutius the Celt, you can book a short or long tour with costumed guides, Ancient Britain (, to find out everything you ever wanted to know, and more, about the nine-tenths of the Wall that you cannot see today.  With tales of the crack Syrian archers who defended the Wall, the three legions that manned it, and the weaponry, food, living conditions, lifestyle and perils of those Roman troops, your knowledge of the Roman Empire’s most northerly frontier will soar.

Once dropped back at Langley, you can relax in a four-poster or period bed, or stroll to Castle View for more contemporary accommodation, order a sumptuous afternoon tea in the drawing room, make plans for dinner in the 2AA Rosette dining room, or just take to a window seat and read a book.  The options are endless at Langley Castle.

And, if you haven’t had your fill of history through your experiences on the Wall, you can take the daily Battlements Tour at Langley, which will furnish you with lots of interesting facts about the castle and allow you to go to the very top, where you can see Hadrian’s wall on the horizon.

It all adds up to plenty of reasons to ‘go Roman’ at Langley Castle and find out why Hadrian’s Wall should perhaps have been even higher up Lonely Planet’s list.  With rooms priced from just £99.00, a stay in this 4-star, unique luxury hotel should be on your book-it list.  Just head to to do just that.


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