Starry Knights - 14th November 2024

Enjoy and Overnight stay, 3-course meal, luxury coach travel to and from Keilder Observatory – Ticket entry, cheeseboard, and snifter on your return to Langley Castle and breakfast the following morning.

Prices are based on 2 people sharing a room:

£380.00 for a Castle View Suite or Superior Castle View Room
£460.00 for a Deluxe Castle Room


Single accommodation is available

Here at the Kielder Observatory, under the Gold Tier Dark Sky Park of Northumberland and Kielder Water, stargazing on a clear night in midwinter with no moon present in the sky, we can see more than 3,000 stars with just the naked eye.

But what are these things we call stars and what is their purpose?

We'll take you through the life cycle of a star, from how they're formed to nuclear fusion and even what happens when a star dies.  They are integral to our universe and we'll show you exactly how.

Taking you on a journey around our unique observatory, we will discover ways in which we view our universe, uncover the mysteries of light and how it has helped shape our understanding of the universe.

On clear nights we will focus on using our high-powered, large aperture robotic telescopes housed inside their turrets as well as our smaller manual telescopes under a blanket of stars on the observation deck.  Our team of expert astronomers will be on hand to navigate you around the night sky to objects of interest such as the Moon, Double Stars, Clusters, Planets, Galaxies and Nebulae depending on the lunar calendar.

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