Langley Castle Hotel is a 14th Century fortified castle, nestling in the Northumbrian valley of the South Tyne, and is ideal for romantic breaks, exceptional dining and fairytale weddings.

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Vindolanda Afternoon Tea Offer

Vindolanda Roman Fort which is only 8 miles from Langley Castle, is to open daily throughout January from 10am until 4pm (last admission 3pm). So to celebrate we are delighted to offer a special discounted rate of only £15.00 per person for our Traditional Afternoon Tea for anyone who visits the site during this time.  This offer is available during Vindolanda's site only opening period between 6th January until 7th February 2020.  You are required to book your afternoon tea in advance and the offer is subject to availability. Please phone Langley Castle on 01434 688 888 to book and quote "Vindolanda".

Normally Vindolanda would close its doors to the public in January and while the Vindolanda museum will be closing for annual maintenance work, the Roman fort will remain open with the added bonus of daily introduction tours of the site. 

From Monday 6th January a special site only admission fee of £5 for adults, £3 for children or a family ticket £13 will apply. A refreshment area is being created in the main West Gate visitor entrance along with a temporary shop. Introduction site tours will take place Monday-Friday at 11:30am throughout January. 



Starry 'Knights' at Langley

"For my part, I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream..."

...of a night at Langley Castle

- Vincent Van Gogh

Starry 'Knights' at Langley Castle

A truely stellar collision of history and the stars. Our beautiful Castle lies beneath the world renowned Northumbrian dark skies. This out of this world experience will combine fine food and luxurious accommodation with a visit to the world famous Kielder Observatory where you will enjoy an evening all about the stars.

Aurora Night

Tuesday 14th January 2020 - NEW DATE JUST RELEASED

Tuesday 19th November 2019  (FULLY BOOKED)

Aurora Nights are all about learning the science behind this rare, beautiful phenomenon; what is it, where does it come from and where do the colours come from? You'll also be armed with the knowledge to know when the Northern Lights are happening and how to find the best locations locally to try to see them. You'll be given a tour of the observatory and the equipment and the experienced team will explain how it all works, and if the skies are clear you’ll be peering deep into the universe, both through telescopes and with the naked eye on the viewing decks.

A Universe Full of Stars

Tuesday 7th January 2020


The Universe... How did it start? How old is it? How big is it? How will it end? These are some of the questions that have engaged civilisations throughout millennia. On this night, with your collaboration, we will attempt to unravel it all.  We will dive head first in our current understanding of it and explore the probability of how accurate the current theories are. From the uncertainty of the big bang to the cosmic microwave background and on to the evolution of the universe to what we see today. After the talk we will guide you through the observatory, introduce you to the large aperture telescopes we have here and give guidance on how best to use them, and if the skies are clear and depending on the lunar calendar, we will observe objects within our galaxy that you may never have known existed.

The package includes:

  • 1 Night Accommodation in a CastleView Room
  • 3-Course meal with coffee
  • Travel to and from the observatory in a luxury coach.
  • Entry into the observatory
  • Cheeseboard and a snifter upon your return to Langley
  • Full Northumbrian Breakfast
  • Battlement Tour

ONLY £295.00 per room

If you wish to arrive a day early, or extend your stay for another night, then we are pleased to offer a special rate of only £99.00 (B&B).

You may also wish to upgrade to a Deluxe Room within the main Castle for an additional £20.00 per person per night.

NOTE: CastleView is a conversion and recent extension of a listed building within the grounds commanding magnificent views up to the main Castle which is situated only 80 metres away.

To Book: Please call the Castle directly on 01434 688888 or email: 

General Terms & Conditions

Cannot be used with any other offer and is subject to availability. Bookings must be made directly with Langley Castle Hotel and FULL PAYMENT will be required upon booking. Offer based on 2 persons sharing a double room.


Choice Break

One night accommodation, Northumbrian Breakfast and your choice from our award winning dinner menu.







General Terms & Conditions

Valid for new bookings only. Cannot be used with any other offer and is subject to availability. Bookings must be made directly with Langley Castle Hotel, or through our web portal but NOT through external travel agents. Offer based on 2 persons sharing a double room.

We strongly advise that you book a table in our restaurant in advance of arrival to ensure your preferred time is available to you.

(Offer available until 31st March 2019)


Hadrian's Wall Breaks


Enjoy a cultural break during your stay at Langley Castle with our ‘Hadrian’s Wall Break’, in conjunction with Ancient Britain.  This is a break which truly brings the Roman experience to life! Not only will you enjoy a stay in one of the countries finest Castle hotels but you will also be given a guided tour along Hadrian’s Wall, taking you back in history to ‘Roam with the Romans’.


  • Two nights accommodation.
  • Full Northumbrian Breakfast on both mornings.
  • Your choice from our award winning dinner menu on both evenings.
  • The package also includes a full day Hadrian Wall Tour with Ancient Britain to include the entire day hiking (up to 9 miles) along the iconic central section of Hadrian’s Wall. Or if you would like to visit the museums and archaeological sites they will take you to TWO of the museums along Hadrian's Wall.  Your guide will be able to explain a history of each site and what makes it so unique.

FEATURE CASTLE ROOMS - £432.00 per person

DELUXE CASTLE ROOMS - £392.50 per person

CASTLEVIEW SUITE - £342.50 per person

CASTLEVIEW SUPERIOR ROOMS - £342.50 per person

CASTLEVIEW STANDARD ROOM - £312.50 per person

CASTLEVIEW LODGE - £292.50 per person

(Date restrictions do apply)

Additional nights can be added to extend any of these breaks from as little as £82.00 person per night to include Northumbrian Breakfast.

If you'd rather not do a full day tour of Hadrian's Wall, Wild Dog Outdoors offers many different tour options, all of which can be found on their website.  We would be happy to design a bespoke package around your individual requirements.

To book one of our Hadrian's Wall Breaks please contact the Castle directly by telephone: 01434 688888 or e-mail: 

General Terms & Conditions

Valid on new bookings only. Cannot be used with any other offer and is subject to availability. Bookings must be made directly with Langley Castle Hotel. Offer based on 2 persons sharing a double room.

We strongly advise that you book a table in our restaurant in advance of arrival to ensure your preferred time is available to you.

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Dungeons & Dragons - The Grey Lady

A Horror Roleplaying Experience

An immersive horror experience, set within the walls and grounds of Langley Castle Hotel, complete with overnight accommodation in a Castle View Room, and a meal in the 2 Rosette Restaurant.  Presented by local storyteller and gamemaster Chris Hately, this collaborative, tabletop, horror story promises to be a memorable, one-of-a-kind event.

The Grey Lady is, at its heart, a tabletop roleplaying game [TTRPG] experience, utilising the spectacular backdrop of Langley Castle and its history to build a truly unique atmosphere. From that foundation, the gamemaster [GM] leads the players in collaborative storytelling, in which each player takes control of a different character. Their choices and actions will impact how their story plays out; who lives, who dies, and whether the mystery at the heart of the story is ever revealed. Designed for beginners and old-hands alike, this night is perfect for anyone who wants to tell scary stories in the dead of night.

Residential guests are welcome to arrive from 1.00 pm, where Chris will be on hand to get to know the players, and answer any questions they may have. The night proper begins at 3.00 pm with a welcome from Chris, who will explain the intent and timings of the night, and answer any last minute queries or questions. From there they will be taken to dinner at Langley Castles fantastic restaurant, where they can get to know Chris and the other players better. Once dinner is finished, Chris will give the players a tour of the castle itself, familiarising them with the locales in which their story will take place. Finally, as the sun sets and darkness takes hold, the group will move towards the outdoor grave site of Cadwallader and Josephine Bates, where the game will take place. If weather conditions are not conducive to an outdoor game, the game will be moved to the chapel atop the battlements, which Josephine had built in memory of her late husband.

The game itself is a modified version of Cavalry Games’ fantastic Ten Candles rules system. Relying on players’ telling their own story, with some GM input and occasional dice rolling, the party must survive the horrors they are presented, with each failed roll extinguishing on of ten candles in the centre of the table. As each candle dies, the GM gains more and more control of the story, until everything finally goes dark, and the players’ characters meet their demises.

Note: This event contains adult, horror themes, such as murder, suicide, and hauntings. It is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 without parental accompaniment. If you have any concerns, contact Chris Hately or Langley Castle, and we will be happy to help.

Event includes:

  • 1 night stay in a CastleView Room situated in the grounds of the nation’s only authentic 14th Century castle/hotel
  • A meal in the 2 Rosette restaurant
  • Tour of Langley Castle and grounds
  • Game of Ten Candles with Chris Hately


A CastleView Room (Double Occupancy) - £195.00

A CastleView Room (Single Occupnacy) - £165.00

The cost includes: overnight accommodation, full Northumbrian breakfast, 3-Course Dinner and a Dungeons & Dragons Game hosted by gamesmaster Chris Hately.


D&D, DM, and derivatives of those names, are registered trademarks, hence the more general terms GM, and TTRPG or RPG (especially since we’re not using D&D as the ruleset)

Trigger warnings include, but are not limited to: suicide, self harm, death, murder, violence

Not suitable for children. Recommend under 18s have parental permission, likely and accompanying adult.

To book please call 01434 688888



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