Hadrian's Wall


A location does not gain World Heritage Site status without good reason and Hadrian’s Wall makes no apologies for being one of the most fascinating World Heritage Sites in the world, with its unique slant on Roman history, on the northernmost frontier of the Roman empire.

A visit to Hadrian’s Wall unlocks a unique period in time, whilst walking in the footsteps of Roman soldiers is something no adult or child should miss out on. Dating from 122 AD, the Wall has seen more history than can be imagined, much of it brought to life by the museums and visitor attractions like Vindolanda, where archaeological digs still reveal new treasures, to this day.
Something that stretched for 80 miles and took six years to build, deserves exploration, whether on foot, by car or through a special guided tour by Ancient Britain that will pick you up at Langley Castle’s door. Don’t forget to take advantage of our daily Battlements Tour and see if you can spot Hadrian’s Wall on the horizon, as you drink in all the rich Roman history that this area can provide

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