Starry Knights


"For my part I know nothing with any certainty,

but the sight of the stars makes me dream......"     


.... of a night at Langley Castle

                                                                                   - Vincent Van Gogh

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Langley Castle has created a Starry Knights extravaganza that can claim to be possibly the best in the ‘dark sky’ galaxy.
Those booking this package will be treated to a three-course meal in the 2AA Rosette restaurant, before heading out, by dead of night, to the Kielder Observatory, with a transfer by luxury coach.
The Observatory is located in Kielder Forest, in the Northumberland international Dark Sky Park – the largest area of protected night sky in Europe and the third largest protected Dark Sky reserve in the world.  
Upon returning to the Castle you will be treated to a cheeseboard and warming snifter served in the magnificent Drawing Room, before retiring to your luxury accommodation.

Our Moon

Tuesday 8th November 2022


Our Moon is our nearest neighbour in space and has affected our everyday lives more than you may know.  For example, it has shaped our monthly calendar due to its orbital period, influenced the agricultural history on the earth, it created tides and stares at us in regular cycles.
At over 2000 miles across and on average 240,000 miles away, it is the most recognised object in our night skies.  We have even been there many times and from 1969, 12 astronauts have walked on its surface.
But how well do we really know it?  How did it form?  How long has it been there and how do we know?
During this evening you will be challenged to understand our moon a little more.  Depending on observing conditions our large aperture telescopes will be able to see its most prominent craters, surface details you never knew existed and see your very shadow cast by it.  You will be helped to take pictures with your mobile phones and all from this unique viewpoint.   And don't worry - if it's a cloudy night, you can use the radio telescope to still bring the moon to life for you.

The package includes:

  • Overnight accommodation
  • 3-Course Meal
  • Luxury Coach Travel to the Observatory
  • Tickets into Kielder Observatory
  • Cheeseboard & Snifter on your return to Langley Castle
  • Full Nortumbrian Breakfast
  • Guided Langley Castle Battlement Tour  on the morning of departure

The following costs apply

(based on 2 sharing a double room)

Feature Castle Room - £460.00

Deluxe Castle Room - £420.00

Castle View Room - £380.00

Please call us on 01434 688888 to book this out of this world experience.

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