Langley Castle Weddings

Vow to choose an authentic English castle wedding venue and be sure to look back (at the backdrop!)

Langley Castle is the perfect venue for the fairy-tale wedding, but its medieval grandeur opens up so many options, as limitless as your imagination when planning your dream wedding. We are not just the choice of brides from Northumberland but of couples from across the UK and the wider world, who recognise that what we offer is wholly unique and who want their place in our history.

Whether you desire the traditional white wedding, a woodland wedding, a marquee or tepee wedding, a themed or Game of Thrones-style wedding or one of our smaller, intimate marriage occasions, including our hugely popular Weddings for Two, the walk down the aisle can start with a no-obligation show-round. Fire lots of questions at us, don’t be afraid to ask how you can adapt things to suit you and go for either totally bespoke, or packaged and price-assured, when you choose Langley Castle as your once-in-a-lifetime wedding venue.

Don’t forget that you can enjoy complete exclusivity through whole castle hire and exclusive-use for your wedding party and remember that we always here for your renewal of vows ceremony, should you wish to return – or make us the meaningful venue that can add something extra to this reinforcement of your love for each other.




Should you require further details, our hugely experienced and innovative-thinking focused wedding team is here for you. If you would like the 2021/22 wedding brochure sent to you, please email or contact us directly on 01434 688888. We are safe hands … but also brains who know just how to inspire your celebrations and make them unique.

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