10 Things to Look For In Your Castle Wedding

10 Things to Look For In Your Castle Wedding

1. Authenticity

Are you marrying in a ‘real’ castle, or will your wedding look ‘manufactured’because the history and authenticity lets you down?Is it a genuine castle, or more of a façade on the front of a modern building?

2. Architecture

Castle weddings are about scene-setting, so check out the architecture of your venue and assess whether it is going to add to the spectacle, or disappoint when the wedding video and album are reviewed.  Are there real stone arches? Are there amazing window seats set into the walls? Are their battlements on which you can be photographed and videoed?

3. Exclusive Use

If you’re going to create the fairy-tale spectacle, you probably need a castle that can be your very own for a day or two.  Make sure exclusive-use is a possibility, so that you can created the intimate and private occasion you desire.

4. Differentiation

The castle wedding is going to be huge in 2018-19, but you don’t want to be one of many. Look for a castle away from where you live, if you want to do things differently.  If you build a spectacle in an amazing venue, guests will travel.  It’s more of a mini-break for them, if they do.

5. Thematic Options

You might want a castle as a venue, but you might not want a fairy-tale wedding.  Explore what other options are available.  For instance, perhaps a Game of Thrones-style wedding would float your wedding boat and make your wedding unique?

6. A Religious Interlude

Whilst you may want a civil ceremony in a castle, you might also want to have a few moments in a more religious setting, with just close family.  Does the castle you are looking at have a chapel in which you could have a few minutes’ quiet contemplation?

7. Accommodation

Does the castle wedding venue offer accommodation, or will your guests have to go elsewhere?  Having your nearest and dearest staying at the castle could make things extra-special and make planning much easier.

8. Little Touches

Can your castle offer extra-special touches such as delivery of the rings by bird of prey, arrival by horse-drawn carriage, or even medieval stocks that will create some amusing photography of your wedding guests?  Could you create a themed marquee in its grounds, or enjoy fireworks? These ‘extras’ can all add to the occasion of a castle wedding.

9. Talking Points

Is your venue just a castle, or does it have a rich history and interior features that can provide great talking points?  Who has owned it? Who, of note, has stayed in it? What can your guests discover when they tour it?  They will want to be telling their social media contacts about the place you’ve brought them to, so an amazing backstory adds to the occasion and the social media buzz surrounding your wedding.

10. Things to Do Locally

Does your castle have other things to do on its doorstep?  Could your guests visit somewhere of interest, go to the races, or have a bushcraft session?  Could they enjoy some fabulous scenery and walks, or take part in a murder mystery event within the castle?  If you’re having exclusive-use of the castle, they may wish to stay on and explore its environs, particularly if the castle is in a part of the country that they don’t necessarily know.