For Better For Less: Money-Saving Wedding Tips from Langley Castle

For Better For Less: Money-Saving Wedding Tips from Langley Castle

You want to tie the knot, but don’t wish to spend the rest of your life paying for it – or asking your parents to.  Langley Castle understands that perfectly well, which is why the wedding team has devised ways to accommodate all wedding budgets.  Brides and grooms are typically staggered by the affordability of a wedding at an authentic English castle - perhaps the only authentic one - and just love our money-saving wedding tips.  Take a look at some!

1. Opt for Exclusive Use

Langley Castle has an amazingly priced exclusive-use wedding option that not only allows you to have the whole castle to yourselves, for complete privacy and the VIP feel, but does so with the Pound signs also in mind.  At a price starting from just £11,500, for a wedding held  on any day of the week between Sunday and Friday, you can have the entire castle, complete with 24 guest rooms, a complimentary bridal suite and room for the bride and bridesmaids the night before the wedding, a three-course wedding breakfast and simple evening buffet for 50 guests, a glass of Prosecco per guest for the toast, plus a half-bottle of wine per person,.  Amazingly, this cost also includes other elements including a disco and a fit-for-royalty red carpet.

2. Ask Guests to Pay for Rooms

Guests rarely expect the happy couple to pay for their guests’ wedding accommodation, so get your calculator out and be entrepreneurial.  As we said above, there are 24 guest rooms, which you could ask guests to pay for, as we’re sure they’d be wowed by a night at Langley Castle.  Even if you only asked them to contribute £100 per room (£50 per person), that’s an instant £2400 off the price of your exclusive-use wedding, leaving you paying just £9,100. Do your sums and decide what you would be happy to let them pay, per room, instantly knocking that off the £11,500 price.

3. Consider the Exchange Rate

We suspect that overseas weddings will become that little bit less attractive as Brexit continues to adversely affect exchange rates and possible issues regarding passport control and other Brexit-related factors hold sway. You will get more for your money by getting married on home soil, particularly if you marry at Langley Castle.  But if the exchange rate is in your favour, why not treat yourself to a true English castle wedding?  We bet nobody else in your social circle will have done that, whether you live in the USA, China, Australia, New Zealand, or somewhere else in Europe!  Just head to an online exchange rate calculator and work out what our £11,500 exclusive-use package would cost in your currency.  It may be an absolute no-brainer to wed at Langley and bag all that kudos.

4. Have a Wedding on a Whim

If you marry on a day of the week between Monday and Thursday, you can have a truly affordable wedding at Langley Castle, for between two and 40 guests.  Guests will arrive midday and depart by 5.30pm, but that gives you time to stage a civil ceremony in our magnificent castle drawing room, have a glass of Prosecco, a three-course wedding breakfast, a glass of red, white or rosé wine per person and a glass of sparkling rosé wine for the toast.  You can have exclusive use of the Drawing Room for a limited period and also stage photos around the castle and gardens.  For a wedding with 20 guests, you would only need to find £1650 in your piggybank but would enjoy a truly intimate and emotion-filled occasion that is all the more special for being smaller and more memorable.  Size isn’t everything!

5. Dress the Room How You Wish

Save money by not paying for expensive floral displays, but decorating our neutrally-toned, mirrored Stuart Suite, with props of your choice, whether those are industrial pieces of metal, such as copper or brass (which are totally on-trend and on which all the natural light cascading down through our historic leaded windows will shine magnificently), balloons, or even heraldic features from our store room, which we can load to you.  This can save you a sizeable sum.  We also have chair covers that you can use for free and lots of other ideas to keep room-dressing within a budget.

If you want to be sensible when it comes to money, just pick up the phone and talk to us about our various options, by calling 01434 688888.  Being careful now will perhaps enable you to pop back for a vows’ renewal ceremony in our own charming chapel, at some point in years to come.