Bob Rutherford


Bob Rutherford - Assistant Manager

Bob has worked at Langley Castle since 1993 when his parents decided it was time for him to get a job!! At that time his big sister also worked at Langley and she brought him in for a trial shift..... he's been here ever since!!

Bob was born in Penrith, about 40 minutes from Langley Castle.  He and his family moved house several times during his younger years due to his Dad's job - eventually settling in Langley in 1990. 

At the age of 16 and while still studying at school he got his first part-time job working at the Castle. Initially he only did one night per week - on a Tuesday night with Elaine and his sister Claire.  He was then called upon to work in the increasingly popular weddings and soon learnt that the hours could be long and hard - something he thrived on!  He was also used to help with the pot-wash in the kitchens and enjoyed the general 'banter' throughout the different departments.

As Bob became more experienced, in the restaurant in particular, he was offered a supervisory position at the age of 18.  He was still part-time - as he was now studying for his HND in Leisure Management at Newcastle College.  Upon completion of his course he was offered a full time position  - eventually becoming Restaurant Manager at 20 - a role which he thoroughly enjoyed!

As the Castle was becoming increasingly busy with weddings and because Bob had a good knowledge of the hotel operation, it was deemed by his peers that he had further potential beyond the Restaurant, and he was promoted to Assistant Hotel Manager - a role which he remains in today.

In saying that Bob has developed the array of skills at his disposal and is an incredible asset to the Castle. When Bob is away from Langley, it is noticiable - his unquenchable appetite for work, his passion, unfailing good humor and leadership skill have a massive influence on all his colleagues.