Elaine Robinson

Elaine Robinson - Deputy Manager

Elaine has been working at Langley Castle since it first opened it's doors as a hotel in 1986.

Elaine has become an institution at Langley Castle over the last 30 years.  The Castle first opened its doors in February 1986 with Elaine being one of the first employees.

With the Castle in its infancy as a Hotel, Elaine covered all areas of the operation and quickly amassed a range of skills to allow her talents in hospitality to come to the fore. 

Elaine established herself as reception manager and then progressed to Assistant Hotel Manager.  This saw her extend her range of skills into weddings and a passion for fine dining.

In 2001 an opportunity presented itself and she rose to the position of Deputy Hotel Manager.

Elaine’s caring and devoted nature allows her to empathise with all our guests, and she is able to build a strong rapport with everyone she meets.  Her capacity to do this meant we soon gained a reputation as a ‘home from home’ Hotel, where everyone feels special and welcome.

The popularity of Langley Castle as a wedding venue over the years is also a testament to Elaine’s personality.  She effortlessly puts Brides & Grooms at ease, making Langley an easy choice of wedding venue.

Langley is also well known for its ability to retain staff for many years. Elaine's ‘Mother Goose’ approach has allowed young local men and women to come to Langley, and flourish.

It is no coincidence that this approach has coincided with Langley gaining awards as Best Small Hotel of Year on numerous occasions.

Elaine’s love of good food has taken her to some of the finest restaurants in the country.  Elaine also has a penchant for travel and holidays which have taken her to some far flung destinations.

Congratulations to Elaine on her 30 years service – this is an extremely rare achievement.