Head Housekeeper

Lorraine Findlay - Head Housekeeper

Lorraine has been part of the team here at Langley for over 20 years and is one of our longest serving members of staff.

Born in Newcastle, Lorraine then moved to Haltwhistle, a small market town only 8 miles from Langley, at the age of 10.  She has lived there ever since.

Her first job was in a chemist, and she then joined the team at Langley as a Housekeeper in 1997.  As business, and the number of rooms at the Castle increased, so did the team around her. Lorraine's hard work meant she was soon promoted to Head Housekeeper, a role which she has now held for several years.

As you might imagine, ensuring the cleanliness of a medieval castle is no easy job, but Lorraine and her team are relentless in their efforts to keep the building looking at its best at all times. This meticulous attention to detail is without doubt a huge contributing factor towards Langley's success over the years!

Many of Lorriane's family members also work, or have worked, at the Castle - her sister Julie works alongside her in the Housekeeping team as does her daughter Cheryl and grandaughter Natalie.  Her other daughter, Emma, also worked at Langley as Food & Beverage Supervisor and her husband Mick is a local painter and decorator who often helps with some of the upkeep and decoration of the public areas.