Hadrians Wall

Hadrians Wall

Probably the most famous Roman remain in England is Hadrian's Wall. It is an impressive engineering feat, and well worth visiting.

The Emperor Hadrian came to the imperial throne in 117 A.D. He decided that the Empire needed securing, not expanding, and in 122 he gave the order to build a wall across the northern frontier. Build it they did; eighty miles worth, following the northern escarpment of the valleys of Tyne, Irthing, and Eden between Newcastle and Carlisle. 
The original construction took six years to complete, during which time plans were altered several times. The building was done by members of three auxiliary legions working from east to west, and it has been estimated that they used more than a million cubic metres of stone in its completion. This was not a weekend project. The wall was manned until sometime around 400 A.D.

Langley Castle is perfectly positioned to visit many of the sites and forts along the wall, those without transport can visit the sites by various local means; By Car, Hadrians Wall bus, by Taxi, or why not cycle.

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