Electric Car Charging

At Langley Castle you can literally re-charge your batteries!

Langley Castle is striving to drive down emissions and allow owners to travel across the county, and beyond, with the electric power provided by its new charging points. 

We now have some of the only charging points for TESLA cars in Northumberland and are even giving non-residents the chance to charge their cars for their onward journeys. 

Joining TESLA’s Destination Charging network is a move that we hope will help boost tourism in the county, as drivers will be able to charge their vehicles enough to get them to the coast and the rest of the county, once they leave Tynedale.

In addition to the two TESLA chargers, Langley Castle also now has one universal electric car charging point, which is available to non-TESLA drivers. 

The charging points are available to patrons of Langley Castle.