The Cadwallader Room

The Cadwallader Room


  • Window seat set into 7 ft walls
  • Super king-size four poster double bed
  • Sofa bed
  • Granite lined bath shower WC

History of the name

Cadwallader John Bates bought Langley Castle in 1882 from the Royal Hospital for Seamen in Greenwich. Cadwallader Bates, was a former Sheriff of Northumberland, a linguist, traveller, antiquarian and local historian of national renown.

Bates began the monumental task of renovating Langley Castle to its true grandeur. Tragically Bates died in 1902 before he could complete his work, his grave is situated approximately 100 metres from the entrance to the Castle.

His wife Josephine d'Echarvines dedicated the chapel situated on the roof to his memory.