The Radcliffe Room


  • Window seat set into 7 ft walls
  • Super king-size four poster bed
  • Sofa bed
  • Sunken circular bath & sauna, shower WC

History of the name

Sir Edward Radcliffe's connection with Langley Castle began in the 16th century when his grandfather leased one of the baronies from Henry VIII in 1514. Sir Edward bought the Langley Barony from the Earl of Annandale in 1631. In fact, he busied himself buying numerous properties, including the lucrative Alston lead mines, so that he could proclaim himself as top aristocrat in Northumberland.

Due to events in the civil war all his properties were impounded. His son quickly raised £10,000 by selling his mothers manors in Yorkshire, so redeeming all his fathers properties. However, he cared little about Langley Castle and so let the property to the West in 1671 for an annual rent of £30.00.