The Tower Room


  • Flame effect fire
  • Mood lighting
  • Queen-size four poster double bed
  • Situated in the top most turret of the Castle

History of the name

Being 'Sent to the Tower' in centuries past could result in losing one's head. At Langley Castle in the 21st century, the Tower Room provides a standard of comfort undreamt of by past treasoners.

James Radcliffe who succeeded to the family honours as Earl of Derwentwater, Viscount Langley, opposed the 1705 Glorious Revolution which unseated the Stuart Dynasty. His part as a leader in the Jacobean Rebellion of 1714 led to his capture at Preston and his subsequent execution at the Tower of London in 1716. His brother Charles was also beheaded some forty years later in 1746 for his involvement in the Rebellion. A stone cross, situated between Langley Castle and Haydon Bridge, commemorates their deaths. It reads;

"To the memory of James and Charles,
Viscounts Langley, Earls of Derwentwater,
beheaded on Tower Hill, London,
24th February, 1716, and 8th December, 1746
for loyalty to their Lawful Sovereign".