Game of Thrones-style weddings

Our Game of Thrones inspired wedding brochure can be downloaded HERE

“I am hers and she is mine.  From this day until the end of my days.”

Brides and grooms wishing to arrange the most talked-about wedding in not just Northumberland, but England too, can now take advantage of ‘Northern Kingdom’ weddings, brand new at Langley Castle from October 2017 and inspired by TV series, Game of Thrones.

These amazing weddings – and sensational spectacles - are bespoke, themed weddings set in spine-tingling and authentic medieval surroundings complete with chandeliers, tapestries, authentic historical features and sweeping velvet curtains.

They unfurl just a stone’s throw from Hadrian’s Wall, the inspiration for the Game of Thrones ‘Ice Wall’, so international couples, whether from China, the USA, or somewhere in between, can not only take over our entire English castle for the exclusive use of the guests that travel with them, but also treat those guests to a trip to Hadrian’s Wall and its own rich history.

How much drama you wish to add to your Northern Kingdom wedding day is entirely up to you, but your guests will be enraptured, and drool over your wedding shots, given that our true and traditional English castle – which dates back to 1350 – is your incredible backdrop.

Whether you are pictured dreamily staring out of ancient leaded windows from seats set into seven-foot thick stone walls, or have your photos framed by greenery, monochromatic flowers, fairy-tale white blooms or verdant or autumnal trees that whisper many historic secrets, your wedding will truly have the wow factor.

You can request a multitude of Game of Thrones-style little touches, from hundreds of candles dancing on our medieval-style banqueting table, to arrival on horseback and rings delivered by hawk.

You may wish to commission a dramatic dragon-scale wedding cake and cut it by sword, or seal your calligraphy invitations with wax.  You could even request dishes from the 77-course ‘Purple Wedding’ – from shrimp and persimmon soup to lemon cakes – if you desire. 

Take that first step, book your Northern Kingdom wedding day in our diary and then have all the fun of commissioning your Queen of the North gown, faux fur shrug and braider of the hair!

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Ready to take to our ‘thrones’? Contact us quickly on 01434 688888.  These game-changing weddings are sure to be in great demand.